If you are interested in applying to be considered for a Conference Board, click here to complete an application.

Peter Tullson    Chair    ptullson@trinitycovenantchurch.org
David Holder    Vice-Chair, Church Growth & Development    pastorholder1@mac.com
Carolyn Larson    Vice-Chair, Church Life/Mission Comission    carolyntlarson@gmail.com
Monica Noel    Secretary    monix26@aol.com
Russell Gocht    Treasurer    russell.gocht@gmail.com
Jim Stanley-Erickson    Chesapeake District Trustee    pastorjim@christ-covenant.org
Howard Burgoyne    Conference Superintendent    howard.burgoyne@gmail.com
Roland Young    District 1 Trustee    N/A
Robert Messore    District 3 Trustee    rpoets2@yahoo.com
Peter Hwang    District 6 Trustee    hwangp@gmail.com
Daniel Kim    District 7 Trustee    danielkim425@yahoo.com
Trish Breckenridge    NNE District Trustee    trishebreck@gmail.com
Pat Walsh    District 4 Trustee    pwalsh@mayboneewalsh.com
Kevin Anderson    Trustee at Large    kranderson@comcast.net
Michelle Sanchez    Trustee at Large    MichelleTSanchez@gmail.com
Alma Kearns    Western Connecticut Trustee    almajimmy@charter.net
Arva Carlson    Western MA/NY Trustee    carlsdotter21@aol.com
Susan Falcetta    Trustee At Large/Women Ministries    sfalcetta@trinitycovenantchurch.org
Jason Condon    Associate Superintendent    jasonrcondon@gmail.com

Tim Olsen    Chair, Conference Ministerium    pastor.covchurch@sbcglobal.net
Steve Cushing    Chaplain/Director of NESM    cushdog@gmail.com
Dave Cairns    Executive Director, Pilgrim Pines Conference Center    dave@pilgrimpines.org