Conference Executive Board

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Conference Board

Robert Messore    Chair
David Holder    Vice-Chair
Greg Johnson    Secretary    
Russell Gocht    Treasurer
Howard Burgoyne    Conference Superintendent
Cathy Schilling    Director
Alma Kearns    Director
Roland Young    Director
Cheryl Lavornia    Director
Young K. Joo    Director
Katie Schneck    Director
Bob Bergquist    Director
Eugene Kim    Director


Pilgrim Pines Board

Courtney Crowder    Chair
Kristin Conforti    
Kimberly Mann    
Larry Abreu    
Don Olson
Scott Lee
Tim Clark
Maureen Hulslander
David Gibb
Christine Austin
Bruce Bergstrom
John Cogliandro
Ron MacTaylor
Rand Anderson
Ron Sager
Scott Jones
Carol Wild


New England Seafarers

Larry Andrews    Chair
Aaron Harrington    Vice-Chair
Lou Zaczkiewicz    Secretary
Ken Hamel    Treasurer
Yumiko Nakagawa
Karen Palmatier
Don Cott
JD Brenke
Cheryl Hamel
Myca Wehrli
Allan Larson
Ruth Setaro
Adam Telford
Quaime V. Lee
William Lin
Matt Modaff
Lars Tormey
Carol Haglund
Jack Wilson

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