The Evangelical Covenant Church grants annually renewable ministerial licenses upon persons who are called to serve in various pastoral ministries in Covenant churches, institutions, and other approved places of ministry.

Licensing within the Evangelical Covenant church is not to be taken lightly. To qualify for a license, a candidate must demonstrate significant involvement in a majority of the following areas: administering the sacraments; conducting worship services; providing spiritual leadership; participating in the preaching and teaching ministry of the church; providing pastoral care; managing in a local congregation or institution of the ECC. Licensure is reserved for those who, by demonstration of character and gifts and by virtue of place of service, require credentials in order to perform pastoral ministry.

Ministerial licenses refer to those which are bestowed by laying on of hands at the Covenant Annual Meeting on candidates who have been carefully examined in matters of faith, theology, and call. The licenses available in the Covenant church are:

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